14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon


14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Here at Cheese & Wine, we take pleasure in recommending you the best places Lisbon has to offer. And recently, we’ve listed the Seven Best Rooftop Bars in Lisbon, particularly for drinks and admiring sunset views. This time, we’re naming the finest terraces and esplanades across the city. The best spots for coffee, for a spot of lunch, or just winding down after the adrenaline rush of hiking around Lisbon’s terra firma. With a glass of wine, or a well-deserved cocktail. In daytime, or sunset. Your moment of choice.


These places we recommend can be found in various neighbourhoods, whether along the city’s sparkling waterfront, or slightly tucked in quaint gardens. Some are well-established bars and cafés, and a few are hidden gems, waiting for you to discover their true worth. A word of warning – these places will offer the ultimate feeling of relaxation that you might want to stay in Lisbon a little bit longer to experience them all.



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Esplanada da Graça | Photo credit: inthemoodforlife.one

Esplanada da Graça

A true classic in Lisbon’s lifestyle. This open-air café offers the greatest view of the city’s skyline, immortalised by innumerable photographs you’ve seen from this popular spot in Graça neighbourhood. Nonetheless, it still holds up to its timeless charm. Come here at daytime for snacks or liquid lunch. With wine, natch. Or stay later until sundown, where musicians pluck their strings, sing their hearts out, as everyone is beholden to that incredible sunset view over the city. It’s also close to the other miradouro, Senhora do Monte, where you can spend the rest of the evening in our apartment with incredible views of the city.


Largo da Graça   //   10am-2am – Everyday   



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara | Photo credit: erasmusu.com

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

On top of one of Lisbon’s significant hills, in São Roque, is a miradouro with a spectacular view. It’s a popular one, just above Chiado, where people admire the downtown views and the picturesque Castelo and Graça hills. The quiosque-terrace here is a must – open all year round and offers one of the most chilled, laidback spots in the city. It’s good with families or friends, as it’s quite spacious. Or even just a quiet break with a good book and a glass of wine. After all, you have the panorama of Lisbon laid out in front of you.


R. Dom Pedro V 4   //   10am-8pm – Monday-Friday   //   10am-2am – Saturday   //   10am-12am – Sunday



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Noobai | Photo credit: timeout.pt


Perched right at the corner of the Miradouro de Santa Catarina is this café restaurant named Noobai, a laid-back spot for lunches and dinners, and yes, drinks with unparalleled views of Lisbon’s Rio Tejo. Whether you’re dining or drinking with a cheerful crowd, you’ll always have front-row seats to the magical views, especially at sunsets.


Miradouro de Santa Catarina  //   10am-12am – Everyday   //   Noobai Café



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Le Chat | Photo credit: timeout.pt

Le Chat

One of our favourites is situated in Santos neighbourhood, right next to Museu Nacional Arte de Antiga, where a bar and lounge awaits you. This brilliant terrace facing the Tagus and an unobstructed view of the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge offers a la carte menu and lovely cocktails, perfect for winding down after the day, as you bathe in the golden light. Just adjacent to it is Jardim 9 de Abril for a green space and peaceful moments.


Jardim 9 de Abril   //   12.30pm-2am – Monday-Saturday   //  12.30pm-12am – Sunday   //   Le Chat Lisboa



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Banana Café Jardim do Torel | Photo credit: timeout.pt

Banana Café Jardim do Torel

Banana Café is a chain of quiosque cafés that are spread across the city, and one of their best spots is situated just at the inclination of Jardim do Torel. This means it’s perfect for sunset views, especially after a jaunty walk around the Torel garden. There is an adjacent terracotta terrace, with plenty of space to gather friends or travelling partners. And the café itself throws DJs and parties every Saturday from 6pm onwards.


Tv. Torel 21   //   11am-7pm – Everyday   



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Café Garagem | Photo credit: inthemoodforlife.one

Café da Garagem

Cosily tucked along Castelo’s winding walkways, this gem is so hidden that even a lot of locals haven’t heard of it. It’s a café below Teatro da Garagem and it’s a part of secret Lisbon where artistic and poetic types hang out. And you can’t blame them – the view from the elongated gazebo is a masterpiece to behold. There’s a panorama of Senhora do Monte, Graça and Mouraria right before your eyes, as you sip thoughtfully on that glass of wine, or a good cup of coffee over the rustic tables made out of reclaimed doors. Trust, this place is so romantic it makes you want to write poetries about it.


Costa do Castelo 75   //   5pm-12am – Tuesday-Thursday   //  3pm-12am – Friday-Sunday   //   Closed Monday   //   Teatro da Garagem



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Pharmacia | Photo credit: hillspottours.com


It’s the bar-terrace outside the Pharmacy Museum, just before the Miradouro de Santa Catarina. In fact, there’s a special restaurant inside, with chef-appointed dishes. However, come for a relaxed ambiance, whether in the afternoon or sundown, the list of cocktails here is impressive, suggesting concoctions that can only be good for your Lisbon chemistry.


R. Mal. Saldanha 1  //   12pm-1am – Everyday   //  Pharmacia



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Esplanada do Principe Real | Photo credit: inthemoodforlife.one

Esplanada do Principe Real

For park and garden lovers, this is a soulful spot for you in Principe Real neighbourhood. It’s a café situated right at the heart of Jardim do Principe Real, where trendy travellers and residents brush elbows for a day’s breakfast, sip afternoon coffees and early evening cocktails. Their menu remains light yet appetizing, atmosphere is casual and relaxed, drinks are reliable yet diverse. All of this, you can experience either sitting outside under the canopy of trees in the summer, or inside the glass greenhouse for colder climes.


Jardim Esplanada, Praça do Príncipe Real    //   9am-2am – Thursday-Saturday   //   9am-12am – Sunday-Monday  //   9am-6m – Tuesday



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Banana Café Praça do Município | Photo credit: Wikipedia

Banana Café Praça do Município

If you fancy sitting on a beautiful square with the neoclassical Lisbon Town Hall is front you, go to Praça do Município’s quiosque café, another one off the Banana Café spots in town. Have a coffee and feel the amount of history on the place, where the Portuguese Republic was declared. Or if you feel peckish, there’s a menu of juices, toasts and classic cocktails whilst enjoying the sunny square.


Praça do Município 27   //   9am-12am – Monday-Saturday   //   10am-12am – Sunday   



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Portas do Sol | Photo credit: snowtoseas.com

Portas do Sol

There’s no doubt that this is one of the best places in Lisbon to enjoy the sun. It’s named Portas do Sol, or Gateway of the Sun, and this café and restaurant terrace offers a huge space, with some sofas and lounge chairs, with a spectacular view of the Alfama neighbourhood beneath your feet, as well as the Tagus River in front of you. Whether you’re sipping a drink or dining with delight, you’ll be satisfied with an exceptional view. This is also a short walking distance to our apartments in this neighbourhood.


Largo das Portas do Sol, Beco de Santa Helena   //   10am-12am – Everyday   //   Portas do Sol



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

SUD Lisboa | Photo credit: timeout.pt

SUD Lisboa

Along Belém’s prestigious waterfront is a fairly recent establishment, a restaurant-bar complex with a terrace, a venue hall, and even a panoramic pool lounge on the roof with an incomparable view of the Tagus and Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge. Lisbon’s affluent come here to drink and dine, and often chill by the pool and spa. When you’re strolling towards MAAT, do stop by, as this place is worth the detour. Grab a seat by the terrace facing the riverside, watch the sailboats pass by, order a fancy cocktail and even check out their Mediterranean-inspired menu. You’ll be glad you did.


MAAT, Avenida Brasília – Pavilhão Poente   //   12pm-2am – Everyday   //   SUD Lisboa



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Espaço Espelho d’Água | Photo credit: wikinight.eu

Espaço Espelho d’Água

One of the few pleasurable spots in Belém is this modernist space just beside the Padrão dos Descobrimentos. It’s at once a gallery, an atelier, a restaurant and a minimalist cafeteria. Take a break from your long waterfront strolls, and enjoy this space built in the middle of a pond, which reflects the Tagus River all day. Come for its Brazilian-Portuguese fusion cuisine, may it be for breakfast, lunch, or simply wining and dining on a candlelit evening by the river.


Centre Museu Arte popular e Padrão dos descobrimentos, Av. Brasília S/N   //   11am-12am – Sunday-Thursday   //   Espaço Espelho d’Água



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Linha D’Agua | Photo credit: camesawtravelled.com

Linha D’Agua

When you’re exploring the enormous Parque Eduardo VII, heading towards Avenidas Novas, don’t forget to discover this slightly hidden local spot named Linha d’Água café. The one located by a water pond, just right next to Jardim Amália Rodrigues. It’s a tranquil space, often frequented by locals, with decently priced lunch menus and meals served all throughout the day. It’s perfect for an afternoon lounging time on the terrace, or finishing a day with a tipple or two.


Jardim Amália Rodrigues, Rua Marquês de Fronteira   //   9am-9pm – Everyday   //  Linha d’Água



14 Best Terraces and Esplanades in Lisbon

Ribeira das Naus | Photo credit: timeout.pt

Quiosque Ribeira das Naus

There’s rarely a spot in Lisbon as glorious and privileged as this quiosque café bar with a stunning terrace that’s quite literally on the bank of Tagus River. You’ll know this one, as you won’t miss it when you’re walking from Praça do Comercio towards Cais do Sodre station. Here, both tourists and locals congregate to celebrate with drinks and music, an incredibly relaxing esplanade by day, where you can watch the river swell and ebb. By sunset, it becomes a revelation with DJs and parties, where the promenade transforms into an ecstatic dancefloor.


Av. Ribeira das Naus 5   //   10am-2pm, 6pm-12am  Everyday   //   10am-12am Saturday   //   Ribeira das Naus

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