Baixa – Strolling and shopping

After a massive earthquake that destroyed the city in 1755, Baixa became the jewel of the crown, after being completely rebuilt following the latests trends of urban architecture of that time.

Terreiro do Paço, the main square of Lisbon, hosts nowadays several government institutions, cultural venues as well the oldest café/restaurant in the city, Martinho da Arcada – where Fernando Pessoa, who still has a table permanently reserved, used to write.

The wide streets, formerly organized by guilds, where each one would be specific to a kind of merchant, are now filled with international brands.

Few have remained with their original display. Anyhow, you can still find the city’s historical remaining shops and bakeries – those deserve definitely a visit!

The area is crowded and vibrant, hundreds of visitors and locals walk its streets, either for shopping, eating or just strolling. The amount of churches and chapels is quite impressive and the sound of their bells punctuate the time going by.

Eat and Drink

Gingjinha do Rossio

The legendary “Ginjinha” bar.

This typical portuguese liquor is made with a cherry like berry called Ginja. It’s mandatory to drink (at least one).

   //   9am-10pm – Daily

Casa do Alentejo

Beautiful and exotic – this place is a hidden jewel in the centre of Lisbon.

A Moorish-style Palace gives his charm to a delicious and traditional cuisine from the Alentejo region.

Rua Portas de Santo Antão, 58   //   10am – 11pm Daily

A Licorista

It is becoming to be a hard task to find a good, honest restaurant in downtown nowadays. Being one of the most crowded areas in the city, unfortunately a lot of restaurants have overcharged prices and bad quality food. However, we can assure you that this is not the case for the Licorista.

A simple place where the the food is good – particularly the fish and the seafood.

   //   12pm-3pm | 7pm-10:15pm – From Monday to Saturday

Pastelaria Suiça

A long-standing patisserie that opened in the 20’s.

The interior was sadly modernized, but nevertheless, it still remains a Lisbon icon.

   //   7am-10pm – Daily

Fábrica Lisboa

With its fun and vintage decoration, the word is out about some of the best croissants in town. However, their only promise is: “surely the best croissants in the building!”.

   //   8am-8pm – From Tuesday to Friday | 8am-7pm – Saturdays and Sundays

Confeitaria Nacional

One of the oldest (and more beautiful) pastry shops in Europe.

   //   8am-8pm – From Monday to Saturday | 9am-8pm – Sunday

Tasca Kome

This is not just a sushi restaurant, it is a well done version of  Japanese home made cooking.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you can’t choose.

   //   12pm-2:30pm | 7pm-10pm – From Tuesday to Saturday

Baixa – Strolling and shopping

Martinho da Arcada


Baixa – Strolling and shopping

Casa do Alentejo

Do and See

Ruinas do Carmo

The place where it used to be a convent and one of the most important churches of the city, is now a reminder of the big earthquake of 1755.

This is where the Santa Justa lift will lead you, so, if you don’t want to wait in line, you can enter directly trough Largo do Carmo.

Largo do Carmo

Ó Galeria

An illustration art gallery.

After achieved great success in Oporto, the gallery is also in Lisbon since 2015.

// 11am-8pm – Monday to Saturday

Cais das Colunas

What was once the most important and noble entrance to Lisbon, is now one of the most popular places to hang out on the sunniest days.

Praça do Comércio

Hospital das Bonecas

Opened in 1830, this museum/atelier hosts an amazing collection of dolls and toys from all times.

A must go (if you don’t think dolls are creepy).

// 10am-7pm – From Monday to Friday | 10am-7pm – Saturdays

Baixa – Strolling and shopping

Hospital das Bonecas


Baixa – Strolling and shopping

Ó Galeria


Garrafeira Nacional

A great selection of wines and beverages, mostly from Portugal, in all price ranges.

The staff is really helpful and knowledge. They can provide packages, so you can take the wine in your suitcase.

// 9:30am-7:30pm – From Monday to Saturday

Chapelaria Azevedo

Opened since 1886, this historical shop creates personalized hats, in all sizes and shapes.

A visit is worth, even if you’re not a fan of this trend.

Praça Dom Pedro IV, 73 // 9:30am-7pm – Monday to Saturday

A Outra Face da Lua

A beautifully decorated vintage shop and its indoor cafe.

// 10am-10:30pm – From Monday to Friday | 2pm-9pm – Saturdays

Drogaria Oriental

A traditional drug store that has products from old portuguese brands. Soaps, lotions, toothpastes… all in very reasonable prices.

// 9am-7pm – Monday to Saturday

Baixa – Strolling and shopping

Chapelaria Azevedo


Baixa – Strolling and shopping

Drogaria Oriental

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