Graça – The best views of the city

Taking the unmissable 28 tram that crosses most of the city, you will arrive at one of its highest peaks, wondering how come you haven’t strolled around in it before.

Graça is a labyrinth of streets mostly built during the industrial revolution era,where the companies would build housing and social infrastructures for their workers. The sense of belonging to a community is still very strong and each villa is proudly taken care of by their inhabitants.

Considered by many, Graça has the two most beautiful viewpoints of the city: Miradouro da Graça, by the church with the same name, has a terrace offering drinks and snacks, and Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, by a chapel and a panel of tiles with a painted map of the city, so you are able to locate the landmarks you are seeing.

The flea market, Feira da Ladra, as we call it, is not to be missed on Tuesdays and Saturdays if you are into treasure hunting. Next door, you have both the Monastery of São Vicente – again, beautiful views from the terrace and famous tile work illustrations of La Fontaine’s fabulae – and the National Pantheon, were our high dignitaries lie to eternal rest.

On the top of the two oldest districts of Lisbon – Alfama and Mouraria – Graça is also filled with little shops, markets and typical restaurants.

If your goal is to live like a true “lisboeta” this is the place you don’t want to miss.

Eat and Drink

O Pitéu

This traditional portuguese restaurant is known for the friendly service and the excellent unpretentious food.

In the center of Graça, this is the place locals go when they want really good comfort food.

Largo da Graça, 95  //  12pm-3pm | 7pm – 10pm Monday to Friday  //  7pm-10pm  Saturdays


A lively and informal place where you can have a drink, a snack or a light dinner.

Since it opened for the first time in 1968, this has always been an icon venue for intellectual gatherings.

One of the few places where you still can smoke inside.

   //   9:30am-1am – Daily

Esplanada da Graça

This kiosk cafe offers one of the best views in town – right in front of the Graça Church.

It’s perfect for having a drink at sunset or in the hot summer nights. Don’t expect good food.

   //   10am-2am – Daily


One of the trendiest places at the time among locals.

Really good food, wines and craft beers. A restaurant that is also a bar and a music venue.

   //   1pm-2am –Tuesday to Thursday   //   1pm-4am – Fridays and Saturdays   //   5pm-12am – Sundays

Graça 77

The newest vegetarian in town opened in one of the most beautiful buildings in Graça.

The space is really comfortable, the staff very attentive and the food really good.

On Sundays they serve two different types of brunch – one is vegan and the other vegetarian.

Largo da Graça, 77   //   12:30am-11pm – Monday to Saturday   //   11am-4pm – Sundays

Café do Monte

When brunch wasn’t yet a trend – at least in Lisbon – this cafe was one if the first ones that opened with a really appealing menu.

It’s very unpretentious and has an authentic atmosphere.

O Satélite

Good honest food in a friendly, typical portuguese restaurant.

The prices are very good as are the portions.

Clara Clara

When strolling around at the flea market, look up and you will find a beautiful park that offers a fantastic view over the city.

The kiosk serves really good pastries and homemade scones. A perfect place to rest while taking a drink.

Via Graça

A fine dining restaurant that offers a one of a kind view over Lisbon.

The food is well prepared, tasty and excellent presented.

Graça – The best views of the city

O Pitéu


Graça – The best views of the city

Clara Clara

Do and See

Jardim da Cerca da Graça

A park that was recently restored

Perfect to go with kids, as it has a playground next to the kiosk.

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

A viewpoint that is often pointed out to be the best view of Lisbon. With a panel of tiles with a painted map of the city, you can easily identify the landmarks of the city center.

Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora

Again, beautiful views from the terrace. This monastery next to the flea market has a famous tile work illustrations of La Fontaine’s fabulae – not to be missed.

Vila Berta

As we told before, Graça is known for its vilas, built during the industrial revolution era, where the companies built housing and social infrastructures for their workers.

This in particular is one of our favourites. Beautiful buildings and a must go during Lisbon’s festivities in June – Santos Populares.

Panteão Nacional

A former church turned into the National Pantheon.

Climb the steps to the  terrace and see just how high it is. A beautiful panoramic view of Lisbon.

Graça – The best views of the city

Vila Berta


Graça – The best views of the city

Panteão Nacional


Cortiço e Netos

In the late 60’s, their grandfather started to buy discontinued tiles, to factories and companies that were about to close. He got hundreds of tiles from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

It was in 2014 that his grandsons decided to start organize his beautiful collection and opened the shop.

The tiles are gorgeous – and for all tastes –  and it is an incentive to the purchase of certified tiles, in order to avoid the purchase of the ones sold in fairs that are usually stolen from the historical facades of our city.

Graça – The best views of the city

Cortiço e Netos

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