5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Our Lisbon Boutique Hotel Cheese & Wine


5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Our Boutique Hotel | Cheese & Wine

Lisbon Boutique Hotel

For the great many, travelling means leaving your own home and therefore your own space and comfort. While city breaks make for exciting trips, it also necessitates a dilemma: how far would you go to compromise your own comfort? With too many hotels in the market, it’s often hard to choose where to stay, as far too many are commercialised, and thus, feels too standardised and impersonal.


That’s where our Lisbon Cheese & Wine Suites comes in, a truly Lisbon boutique hotel. Here, we appoint our 22 suites and 11 serviced apartments, offering boutique hotel experience to our guests in terms of unique personality, stylishly appointed rooms and spaces, and above all, an intimate, handmade hospitality that’s full of character, attention and warmth. You won’t need to sacrifice any comfort whatsoever. During your travels, we ensure in providing you a home away from home.



5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Our Lisbon Boutique Hotel Cheese & Wine

Handmade hospitality | cheese-wine.com

1. Personalised service

As a boutique hotel, this means we are a smaller property, compared to bigger chains. But this also means we can provide more attention and more personalised service to our guests. We distinguish that every guest’s need is unique, so we offer tailored recommendations about places to see, things to do in the city, bar and restaurants to enjoy, so you’re experiencing Lisbon like a local. We even run our own hotel journal about offering you helpful guides and handy tips in exploring the city!



5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Our Lisbon Boutique Hotel Cheese & Wine

Design-led suites | cheese-wine.com

2. Design-led suites and beautifully decorated units

Attention to detail is part of our ethos. Our rooms and suites are all uniquely appointed and decorated that each single one looks different from the other. As an independent and family owned boutique hotel, we have the freedom to create and innovate, ensuring design, style and comfort comes together. You’ll observe both modern and vintage touches all over our spaces, and each room and apartment has their own story and narratives to tell.



5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Our Lisbon Boutique Hotel Cheese & Wine

Charming space and attention to detail | cheese-wine.com

3. More intimate, greater charm and more personality

Compared to a conventional hotel, the sense of comfort, privacy and luxury we provide convey more charm and personality. In other words, we make your stay memorable. From our little touches to our personalised treats, to every single detail we place on things that enhance your relaxation and the ultimate feel of security and space. Lisbon is full of history and places to see, so we’ve created these guide videos to assist you in your travels, making sure you experience the city like we do. We also have a very active social media channels, like Instagram and Facebook, so you’re updated with out latest guides and handy tips!



5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Our Lisbon Boutique Hotel Cheese & Wine

Family owned boutique hotel in beautiful Lisbon | cheese-wine.com

4. Family-owned and managed

Our boutique hotel is family-owned and run, and therefore we have a handcrafted, handmade approach to our services. We all treat our guests with utmost care, with an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. Being family-oriented, our spaces also cater to family and kids, providing cosy and child-friendly facilities that will help ease your holiday stay.



5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Our Lisbon Boutique Hotel Cheese & Wine

Gorgeous breakfast | cheese-wine.com

5. Authentic experience with a great breakfast

When staying at our boutique hotel suites, you’ll be in an authentic location in Santos neighbourhood, offering a great value for money with a gorgeous breakfast every morning to kickstart your day. We also have apartments in the districts of , Graça, Alfama, Rossio and Baixa-Chiado, ensuring plenty of options for you to choose from, if you prefer privacy in your own space. Rest assured, these locations also offer you some of the most incredible views of Lisbon that’s worth remembering.

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10% discount
Breakfast included (on the suites)
Complimentary cheese & wine upon arrival
1 PM late check-out (subject to availability)
Farewell gift (on the suites)